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Visit of an external monitoring team member in the projectThursday, 29 September 2016

An anual visit of the external monitoring team member, Mr Stanisław Tworek, held at the PNP headquarters on the 19th and 20th September.

The visit aimed at assessing the project’s progress and its coherence with the incurred costs. During a field session, Mr Tworek checked up on the progress of the implementation of following actions. 

  • The green trail repair from Kras to Przełęcz Sosnów,
  • Eradication and control of knotweed along the Dunajec River,
  • The effectivness of protective measures implemented on meadows,
  • New pond near Majerz meadow as a breeding site for amphibians,
  • The effectivness of measures aimed at protecting the Treacle-mustard (Erysimum pieninicum) and its  habitat.

During the visit a discussion was held over issues related to land purchase as well as protective measures implemented on purchased plots.