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Determining boundary lines of plots of land purchased by the Pieniny National ParkTuesday, 01 July 2014

Land purchase as a tool for habitat and wildlife conservation has always been a key focus for the Pieniny National Park.

As a part of the project, the first preparatory steps were undertaken in order to implement effective protective measures. These activities included determination of  boundaries of land purchased within the project. On the 20th May 2014 the boundaries of parcels located in Krościenko n.D., in the complex of Wielkie Załonie, were established.  These plots were bought by the Park Administration  in 2013 and 2014, covering  the total area of ​​2.6537 ha. This  was the following plots:

·         9721/2, 9722/1, 9723/2, 9724/1, 9725/2, 9727/1, 9728/2, 9729/1, 9730/1, 9731/2, 9732/1, 9734/2, 9735/1, 9736/2, 9737/1, 9738/2, 9739/1, 9741/2;

·         10037, 10061, 10062, 10063, 10064, 10065, 10066


The setting of boundaries took place in the presence of PNP employees and owners of plots of land adjacent to the ones purchased by PNP.

Written by: Ewelina Zając