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Border crossing


In accordance with the Nature Protection Act (16th April 2004, Article 15.1, p.15) visits in a national park may take place only on marked tourist trails. Tourist should remember that in the Pieniny National Park it is allowed to cross the national border only on the Pieniny Road in Szczawnica (former permissive border crossing Szczawnica / Lesnica) and over the footbridge on the Dunajec river in Sromowce Niżne.

Landing rafts, canoes or other boats on the Polish bank in the Dunajec gorge is forbidden in respect of the strict protection areas.

In the Pieninsky Narodny Park (PIENAP) visitors are also permitted to use only the marked tourist trails. According to the rules, it is allowed to cross the national border in Małe Pieniny (Small Pieniny) only on former border crossings on tourist trails.