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PNP regulations

The National Park Authority's duties and powers are derived from the Nature Protection Act (16th April 2004).

1. The main purpose of National Park is to maintain and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the area, as well as to open the Park for scientific research, tourism and recreation.

2. Visitors are obliged to observe the Nature Protection Act’s rules and internal Pieniny NP regulations as well as to follow the safety instructions of the Park’s employees and rangers.

3. Visits may take place only during daytime, and only on the marked tourist trails. Visitors are permitted to stop for a rest only in specifically designated places.

4. Organised tourists groups should visit the Park with a qualified guide. One guide is allocated for a group of up to 40 people.

5. Raft trips down the Dunajec River can be organized only by the institution which has been authorized by the Park Director, on the regional rafts with qualified rafters, who are members of the Polish Association of Pieniny Rafters, and under the Pieniny Rafting Rules. Canoeing is permitted under legally binding rules, along the river (which is a national border). Landing rafts or canoes on either bank is forbidden, except in an emergency.

6. Horse-drawn and all other vehicles are only permitted on public roads. Vehicle horns and alarms must not be sounded along sections of the roads which are within the boundaries of the Pieniny National Park.

7. Bicycles are permitted on public roads, on the Droga Pienińska (Pieninska Road) and on the road to Kras but nowhere else. Cycling on the walking trails is forbidden.

8. Skiing is allowed only on the open (deforested) slopes and glades, but not in the areas that are strictly protected.

9. Climbing, paragliding, hang-gliding, microlights and motor boats are not allowed in the Park.

10. Organised group meetings/visits require the permission of the Park Director.

11. Within the Park’s area it is forbidden to;
a) pollute the water, air and soil,
b) hunt, fish, catch and kill animals,
c) chop down or damage dead or living trees,
d) pick, uproot or destroy wild plants, including fruit and mushrooms,
e) deface or damage cultural monuments,
f) disturb the peace, build camps or to light fires; to trade, put up poster boards, bills or signs without the permission of the Park Director,
g) let dogs enter the Park.

12. The Park Service and its rangers have a right to check tourist’s ID within the Park area.

13. We entrust the Pieniny National Park’s very special heritage to the care of visitors to safeguard it for future generations.