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Expected results

The implementation of activities covered by the project will enable:

1. Active protection of approx. 24 hectares of meadows and excluding from economic use of approx. 16 hectares forest land purchased from private owners.

2. Reduction of negative tourism impact on trails on the section of  1,260 m.

3. Ceasing the process of natural succession on 8 hectares of xerothermic grasslands.

4. Protection of the population of the Pieniny Treacle-mustard Erysimum pieninicum and improving habitat conditions around castle hills - maintaining mosaic of grasslands and shrubs on the area of aprox. 0,5 ha.

5. Removal of invasive species along the Dunajec river on the section of  aprox. 10 km - a significant reduction (about 50-80%) of two species of foreign origin within the "Pieniny" area.

6. Reconcile grazing and protection of breeding sites for amphibians: Carpathian newt Triturus montandoni, Alpine newt Triturus alpestris, Yellow-bellied toad  Bombina variegata, creation of favourable conditions for breeding at 5 sites in the area of  Majerz glade.