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1. Increasing possibility of implementation of protective measures and excluding forests from economic use by purchase of private lands.

2. Active protection of mountain Trisetum meadows Polygono-Trisetion and communities of fresh meadows of Arrhenatherion elatioris threatened by encroaching of forest species, allowing natural afforestation to occur; protection of rare plant and animal species  through implementation of various protective measures (removal of trees and shrubs, removal of accumulated plant layers, mowing and biomass removal.

 3. Protection of habitats threatened by negative impact of tourism through development of tourist infrastructure (repairing trails and applying protection to prevent from  shortcut and straying from trails.

4. Protection of the population of the Pieniny Treacle-mustard Erysimum pieninicum, in the area of castle hill in Czorsztyn (the biggest site of endemic species in Poland and Europe) by preserving the section of outer walls of the castle against shedding. The project also aimed at cleaning xerothermic grasslands from shrubs and perennial plants and strengthening the population of the Treacle-mustard

5. Removal of alien invasive species  Sakhalin Knotweed (Reynoutria sachalinensis) and Japanese knotweed (R. japonica) along the Dunajec river.

6. Protection of breeding sites for amphibians from the negative impact of sheep grazing and construction of a new pond.

7. Monitoring of the state "0" before the implementation of the project actions and monitoring of their effectiveness.

8. Promotion of the project (folder, gadgets with the logo of Life +, information meetings and international conference summarising the project).